Sunday, May 15, 2016

Robberg Nature Preserve

During our stay in Knysna on the Garden Route, we hiked in the Robberg Nature Preserve. 
The preserve is a World Heritage Site due to 120 million year old rocks and Stone Age artifacts in caves along the peninsula. We hiked the 11km trail out and around the point of the preserve. 

The view of Plettenberg Bay.

The Cape Fur Seal colony along the peninsula is a playful (and smelly) bunch.

Always read the plaque!

Lots and lots of seals.

The little furry guy in the foreground is a rock hyrax, locally known as the dassie. Though it looks like a rodent, it's not: the dassie's closest living relatives are elephants and sea cows.

We crossed the Witsand Sand Dune. 

Once we got to the point and were on the windward side of the island, we saw some incredibly large waves.

The hike back had rock crossings that would have been markedly more difficult at high tide. This didn't phase our group.

This seaside cottage (the Fountain Shack) is available for rent.

A great hike! Afterwards, we enjoyed sunset on our deck overlooking the Knysna Lagoon before heading into town for dinner.

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