Friday, October 16, 2015


We arrived in Copenhagen separately: I arrived by plane from San Francisco; Brian arrived from Hamburg by train and boat (a story too long to tell here). We met up at the train station and walked to our apartment for the week. It is in the area of Nyhavn, a waterfront district built in the 17th century. 

We had heard about Copenhagen's biking culture, but nothing prepared us for the bikes everywhere.

On our first full day we walked to Aamanns Deli, recommended for smorrebrod, Danish open-faced sandwiches.

The green dollop at the end is not, as it turns out, condensed olive oil, but tarragon flavored lard. I would learn that this is a favorite accoutrement of the Danes.

View from our apartment at night.

The next morning, we hopped on our rented bikes and explored the city.

Christiansborg Palace - where Danish Parliament resides has horses.

My bike (next to the statue).

The tower, Tarnet, offered views of the entire city.

Our bikes are waiting below.

The top of the tower was very windy.

We explored more of the city - I love the canals and the architecture.

A bike lane!

Bike parking.

Bike lanes.

We visited Assistens cemetary to see the graves of Niels Bohr...

... Soren Kierkegaard...

... and Hans Christian Andersen.

We biked along the waterfront...

... to the large city market, Torvehallerne, where smorrebrod and other delicacies were on display.

Including the world's biggest pop tart!

Outside the market, rush hour was beginning.

Notice the traffic signals for bikes.

We biked home to Nyhavn.

Our apartment building is the second one from the end we were on the 4th floor.

Nyhavn at night.

Nyhavn at dawn.

Notice all the wind turbines!

After returning our bikes, we walked around for last afternoon in the city.

Gladys's Danish cousin.

A great city. Hope to visit again someday!