Sunday, August 3, 2014

Emigrant Wilderness

We had a wonderful weekend backpacking with friends in the Emigrant Wilderness.
We started at Crabtree Trailhead and hiked 9.8 miles to Rosasco Lake.

Here, Emily and I pose along the trail in an amazing timer shot.

We stopped for lunch at Camp Lake.

Nate and Karen enjoy the scenery.

After lunch, we spent some time hiking granite slabs.

This small lake was full of lily pads.

We hiked this 500 foot face (no z-trails!)...

 ... and were rewarded with beautiful views of Rosasco Lake - our home for the night.

Emily's hammock was awesome!

We went swimming. The water was warm - no really, it was!

Brian pumped water, a timeless tradition.

The morning of Day 2! We hiked 6.5 miles to Wood Lake.

A final view of Rosasco Lake.

We arrived at Wood Lake around noon, and enjoyed lunch and a leisurely afternoon.

We went swimming! The water was much colder than Rosasco Lake.

Emily and AJ take a break from skipping stones.

The wind reached a maximum speed of 12.5 mph. (It's nice to hike with meteorologists).

An evening shot of the lake.

The morning of Day 3! We hiked 10 miles back to Crabtree Trailhead. An early start - left camp by 8am.

A last look at Wood Lake.

How do we look so clean?

We hiked into Louse Canyon on our way out.

We lunched at Grouse Lake.

We hiked through burned forest with lots of new growth.

A great weekend!