Monday, April 1, 2013

2013 Ski Season

While snowfall didn't set any records this season, ski season 2013 was a great one. We went up to Lake Tahoe on seven weekends, spent time with friends and enjoyed the slopes.

We rented a ski house in South Lake Tahoe. Our passes applied to Heavenly, Kirkwood and Northstar. We never made it to Northstar this year (or for that matter, North Lake Tahoe at all). 

Heavenly is the largest ski resort in California with 4,800 acres of skiable terrain, a 10,067 foot summit, and a 3,500 vertical drop. It also straddles the California/Nevada state line!

*All pictures in this post were taken with my phone--alas the quality may not meet the standards to which readers of this blog are accustomed.*

The mountain offers many vantage points of Lake Tahoe. I never tire of the view! 

This is looking over Lake Tahoe on the California side.

This is the state line on the mountain: the sign points to ski runs in California and Nevada.

Looking over Nevada. You may notice a difference between the beauty of California and Nevada, but I couldn't possibly comment.

One day, it was whiteout conditions. 

It made for nice skiing. This is such a nice picture of Brian and me...
... until you zoom out and notice that I've basically skied into him.

Nate and Karen! (Karen's demonstrating awesome ski technique!)

Now begins the cloud sequence: the cloud movement is incredible.And the clouds move to reveal a sunny sky!

The sun on your face at the end of the day feels almost as good as sitting down!
Back at the ski house, Brian often amused himself by attacking the icicles.

The views from the road driving around the Sierras are stunning.

Sometimes the drive home is very exciting!

We typically skied Saturday and Sunday. Often on Sunday we would head to Kirkwood resort, about an hour away. Check out this map of Tahoe ski resorts for some perspective.

The early morning drive to Kirkwood was often serene.

For the last two summers, Brian (and our friends Nate and Karen, pictured earlier) biked some of these roads for the Tour of the California Alps.

Lake Tahoe is not visible from Kirkwood (30 miles with a few mountain passes separate Kirkwood from South Lake), but the views are still grand.

Here, Brian and Nate check out the way to the ski lift. Notice Brian's transformation yet? (Hint, it's not just his new green jacket.)

Brian's a skier! Yes, after several years of snowboarding, Brian got bored with his board and tried skiing. Of course he's a natural.

And he only broke his pole once.

Young Wallace came to visit for my birthday weekend and we went to Heavenly. It was... well, heavenly!

 A great birthday!

A week later, the annual ski trip! A tradition for four years now with Regina, Mike, Ivo, Erin, Beth and Geoff!

A respite before the last run of the day.

I wish I'd turned around to see that everyone else had taken off their goggles! At least Mike was also wearing his helmet.

One evening we visited Edgewood resort, which is right on the lake. The sunset was beautiful. 

There's more to Tahoe than snow, maybe we'll visit this summer, however, I'm already looking forward to next season!