Thursday, January 30, 2014


In Hanalei, we stayed at the Hanalei Surfboard House. Simon, a former executive at Capitol Records has created an amazing place to stay one block from the beach. The garden was wonderful.

Brian's college roommate Greg and his girlfriend Louise joined us for a day in Hanalei. We visited the Limahuli Garden and Preserve.

We spent the last afternoon enjoying the Best Beach in the World - that's its official title.

Kalalau Trail

We were very excited to hike the Kalalau trail again! In 2001, attempting to hike 10 miles directly to Kalalau Beach, we took a several mile detour up Hanakapi'ai Valley to Hanakapi'ai Falls. We never quite reached the falls - once we realized that we were heading the wrong way - we turned around. So, we purposefully hiked to the Hanakapi'ai Falls this time - and the first few miles of the trail were familiar to us! 

The first mile is a giant stone staircase. Slippery when wet, so always!

The hike goes in an out of valleys, from the ridges, we could see the ocean and the coming storms. We were soaked in mile 2.

One of the most stunning views.

Another rainbow!

The view onto Hanakapi'ai Beach.

Numerous warnings help bolster the legend of the Kalalau Trail. There are many stories of this trail - here's just one (and here's the local news coverage).

We hiked into Hanakapi'ai Beach.

We turned toward the Hanakapi'ai Valley - here are the gorgeous mountains of the Napali Coast.

We got soaked on mile 3 and 4 too. Here's a giant bamboo stand.

The trail guide outlined three stream crossings.

Our first view of Hanakapi'ai Falls!

Word of the year!

We went swimming!

The falls are incredible.

One last look back at the falls.

Three more river crossings to go.

The trail was not always clearly marked. Sometimes it was obvious.

Last looks!